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Guide to essential tools in the car

Whether it is a long journey or a daily commute, it is a wise choice to have some basic tools in the car. This can not only deal with emergencies, but also perform some simple repairs and maintenance. For these tools, we don’t have to choose big brands, but reliable quality and lifetime warranty products are very worth considering. Here are some basic tool sets that you should always carry with you in your car:
1. Deep and shallow drive sockets
Whether it is a 1/2", 3/8" or 1/4" drive socket, it can cover common bolt and nut sizes, ensuring that you can handle it easily when handling car repairs. High-quality sockets are not only durable, but also reliable in emergency situations.
2. Torx and hexagonal drill bits
These drill bits are suitable for various types of screws, providing a variety of options when necessary and increasing the flexibility of repairs. A complete set of drill bits can be used in a variety of repair tasks.
3. Extension rod
Sometimes you need to deal with hard-to-reach places, and extension rods can effectively increase the flexibility and reach of tools. Using extension rods can make it easier to work in small spaces and reduce the difficulty of your work.
4. Ratchet
Ratchet is one of the most practical tools used to quickly remove and tighten nuts and bolts to improve repair efficiency. A good ratchet not only feels good, but also can significantly increase work speed.
5. Universal tool
Having a versatile universal tool can cope with some unexpected emergencies and increase the convenience of vehicle repair. Universal tools are easy to carry and have multiple functions. They are a versatile choice among vehicle tools.
6. Wrench
Wrenches of various sizes are essential tools in the vehicle tool set and are used for multiple purposes during emergency repairs. Especially when facing bolts of different specifications, multi-size wrenches are particularly important.
7. Pliers
Pliers can help you play a role in handling some repair tasks that require extra force, such as pulling out nails or pinching. High-quality pliers can save more effort and are more durable.
8. Screwdriver
Equipped with flat and cross-blade screwdrivers to cope with various types of screws and simple repair tasks. Choosing a set of screwdrivers with good magnetism will make your work more handy.
9. Breaker bar
A 1/2" breaker bar can provide additional leverage to help remove very tight nuts and bolts. For those stuck bolts, the breaker bar is a sharp sword.
10. Jack
A jack is an essential tool for tire changes and some maintenance tasks. It can effectively lift and fix the vehicle to ensure safety.

BOENTools 1/4" & 3/8" Drive Metric Wrench Socket Set 69Pcs Detail-3

Secret weapon: comprehensive tool set
In order to better organize and carry these tools, a good tool set is indispensable. For example, a highly respected tool set on the market, such as BoenTool's 1/4" & 3/8" drive metric wrench socket set (69 pieces), includes many of the tools mentioned above. This type of tool set is compact in design, easy to store and carry, and provides a variety of different sizes of sockets and adapters, whether it is changing tires or performing daily maintenance, it can provide you with great convenience. The most important thing is that it provides a lifetime warranty service. Prepare these tools to escort your every trip

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