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BoenTools:Guide to Selecting the Right Socket Set

Transform your mechanic skills with BoenTools, the trusted provider of comprehensive socket sets for professionals and automotive enthusiasts. Our socket sets include varied sizes from 1/4"  to 1/2" , making them versatile equipment in your toolbox. Here, we breakdown essentials about choosing and using socket sets based on drive end, action end, driving device, and size.(Basic knowledge of sockets)

Selection Based on Drive End
BoenTools socket range caters to your diverse needs by matching the ratchet wrench driving head. Our top-quality sockets come in sizes spanning from 1/4”, to 1/2”, with impact socket adapters for easy use in different scenarios


BoenTools:Guide to Selecting the Right Socket Set
Selection Based on Action End
Socket heads predominantly feature a 12 point vs 6 point socket design. BoenTools implements both metric and imperial systems to avoid compatibility issues, with metric measurements in millimetres (mm) and imperial units in inches. For expeditious tightening, some sockets have a beveled design at the head. 


BoenTools:Guide to Selecting the Right Socket Set
Selection Based on Driving Device
BoenTools caters to both manual and pneumatic socket requirements.
Our manual sockets, forged from high-resilience chromium-vanadium steel (Cr-V), are known for their shiny silver surface. When used with manual ratchet wrenches or L-shaped socket wrenches, they offer an efficient and secure way of removing bolts.
Our black-coloured pneumatic sockets originate from robust chromium-molybdenum steel (Cr-Mo). Used with pneumatic and hydraulic wrenches, they come equipped with superior impact absorption abilities, making them perfect for automotive, electrical, and mineral maintenance tasks.
Selection Based on Size

Whether you need to work in confined spaces or handle extended screws, BoenTools has your back. For applications not constrained by a narrow environment, we recommend our long sockets for superior nut engagement.

Crucial Tips when Selecting and Using BoenTools' Sockets


  • Pick suitable socket sizes, considering the working space and the bolt or nut's size.
  • Utilise the long-lasting 6-point sockets wherever possible. Refrain from using damaged or broken sockets.
  • Opt for short sockets in confined spaces, where our long sockets offer more versatility.
  • Ensure to use insulated, voltage-resistant sockets for electrical tasks.
  • Although pneumatic sockets can temporarily replace typical sockets, the opposite could be hazardous.


With BoenTools, you're investing in a range of socket sets explicitly designed to withstand the extreme impact forces of pneumatic impact wrenches. We've engineered our sockets to resist heat and cracking under high pressure, ensuring your safety while getting the job done.
In essence, BoenTools' socket wrenches and sets are versatile and reliable for use in factories, auto repairs, electric power sectors, and mines. Select your suitable socket set, learn the correct usage techniques, and adhere to safety practices!
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