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72 vs 90-tooth ratchet: How to choose?

If there is any sound that represents a mechanic, it must be the "click" of a ratchet wrench. As an essential tool in every garage, ratchets and sockets have become the favorites of countless mechanical enthusiasts. How to choose the 72vs90 tooth ratchet wrench?
What is the number of teeth?
The number of teeth refers to the number of gears in the ratchet. The more teeth there are, the smaller the rotation angle corresponding to each "click". This means that you can use the ratchet wrench in a tighter space without having to move the handle a lot to rotate the fastener.
72-tooth ratchet
Cost-effective: Generally speaking, 72-tooth ratchet wrenches are cheaper than 90-tooth ones. They are less difficult and costly to manufacture, so they are more suitable for users with a more limited budget.
More torque: Due to the smaller number of gears, 72-tooth ratchets can usually withstand more torque. This makes them perform better in some operations that require greater force.
Slightly larger rotation angle: The 72-tooth ratchet has a larger rotation angle (5 degrees) for each "click", so it may not be as flexible as the 90-tooth ratchet when used in extremely confined spaces.

BOENTools 1/2" 72-Tooth Chrome Alloy Ratchet Torque Wrench - BOEN

90-tooth ratchet
Smaller rotation angle: The 90-tooth ratchet has a smaller rotation angle (4 degrees) for each "click", which enables it to work more efficiently in extremely confined spaces and greatly improves operational flexibility.
Smooth operating experience: More gears mean smoother operation and higher operating precision.
Higher cost: The 90-tooth ratchet has a relatively higher cost due to its more complex manufacturing process.
Slightly lower torque bearing capacity: With a large number of gears, the strength of the gears meshing with each other needs to be considered, so its torque bearing capacity is slightly lower than that of the 72-tooth ratchet.

BoenTools 3/8" Drive 90-Tooth Ratchet Wrench - BOEN

How to choose?
The key to choosing a suitable ratchet wrench lies in your actual needs:
If you need to operate in an extremely confined space and your budget allows, then the 90-tooth ratchet is your best choice.
If you are more concerned about the cost-effectiveness of the tool and need to use it in operations that apply a large torque, then the 72-tooth ratchet will be a more suitable choice.

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